Doha Forum 2023

Building Shared Futures

Sheraton Grand, Doha, Qatar
10th - 11th December 2023
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Video: "Doha Forum 2023 - Building Shared Futures"

The world is grappling with unprecedented forces of fragmentation rippling through geopolitics, technology, and international trade. Great power competition threatens to divide and polarize the global order. National conflicts are fueled by regional and international interests. Technologies that promised to connect the world increasingly enable the isolation of peoples and nations from each other, and now call into question the idea and value of human intelligence.

Despite the forces of fragmentation, the realities of our connectedness remain. True isolation and reactivity are not sustainable options. The need for pro-active engagement, systems level thinking, and results-focused dialogue are more important now than ever.

New ideas and new approaches are needed. The institutions and norms built to serve the environment and issues of the past require innovation, if not disruption, in order to serve the needs of the present and future. How can we build systems, norms, and institutions that both honor the dignity and differences of the world’s people while also enabling effective cooperation across powerful divides? What people, ideas, and technologies will be the stewards of our many shared futures?

Situated at the meeting point of East, West, and South, Doha Forum is a platform that welcomes a diversity of viewpoints reflecting the many perspectives and interests of all people, especially those whose voices are often ignored. It is founded on the belief that constructive dialogue is the best - if not the only - way to create sustainable safety, justice and freedom in our interconnected world.

At the 21st edition of Doha Forum, we will gather the world’s top officials, executives, and thinkers to address the most pressing unresolved questions in the following areas:

International Relations and Security
Economic Policy and Development
Cyber Security, Data Privacy, and Artificial Intelligence

Building on previous editions, engaging the most current discourse, and setting the stage for future action, Doha Forum 2023 will ask how we can build interconnected futures of prosperity and well-being.