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Roya Mahboob

CEO and Founder of Digital Citizen Fund
Roya Mahboob is Afghanistan's first female tech CEO and an entrepreneur making a significant impact beyond the business world. She uses her success and expertise in technology to educate and empower Afghan women and girls while advocating for their rights. Mahboob founded the Digital Citizen Fund (DCF) to improve the technological and financial literacy of Afghan women. She also co-founded the Afghan Girls Robotics Team and provides support to them. Mahboob is actively involved in promoting robotic education through the Inoura platform and is planning to launch an online platform called Zalla, which aims to amplify the voices of Afghan women and journalists. She consistently emphasizes the importance of STEAM education and economic opportunities for women and girls, particularly in relation to human rights. Mahboob's contributions have been widely recognized. She was named one of TIME's 100 Most Influential People in 2013 and has received prestigious awards, including the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award in 2014, the Advancement of Gender Equality through Education Award, and the Young Leader of World Economic Forum in 2015. She was recognized as an Asia Game Changer in 2019 and received the Doha Forum Award in 2022. Additionally, Mahboob has been honored with the Lantos Human Rights Awards and the Presidential Leadership Scholarship. She also received an honorary Doctorate of Science from McMaster University.