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Nudhara Yusuf

Executive Coordinator of the Global Governance Innovation Network, Stimson Center
Nudhara Yusuf is Executive Coordinator of the Global Governance Innovation Network (GGIN) and Researcher with Stimson’s Global Governance, Justice & Security Program. She also serves as Global Youth Coordinator at the Coalition for the UN We Need (C4UN), and advisor to several civil society organizations including UNA-UK and NGOCSD-NY; serving on the Board of foundations and charities focused on empowering young people and women. Prior to Stimson, Nudhara worked with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)’s SDG Integration Team and helped build the UNDP Regional Bureau for the Asia Pacific’s Strategic Foresight Unit. She has supported both Indian state welfare ministers in designing social inclusion programs at the grassroots, and the British Shadow Secretary of State for Justice in UK’s Parliament. Nudhara’s research and advocacy primarily focuses on governance of and with future generations, the role of globalization, technology, and development in shifting the multilateral architecture, and engaging youth in governance. She is lead author of the AI and Cyber Chapter of the Doha Forum’s Future of International Cooperation Report 2023.