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Laila Al-Shaikhli

Anchorwoman and Television Presenter, Al Jazeera
Laila is among the pioneer news anchorwomen in Arab television she was the first female journalist to host a political show on Arab satellite television.  Her professional TV career spans over 30 years beginning with a local TV station in the USA in 1991. After joining the BBC World Service in London in 1994 she went on to anchor several political and social programs in different Arab Satellite stations. She joined Middle East Broadcasting Center in 1996 and later Abu Dhabi TV in 1999. Her shows include Dialogue with the West (MBC), Agenda (MBC), Dunnia (ADTV) and Panorama (ADTV). In 2006 Laila joined Aljazeera network as principal news and program presenter.

Her field experience includes the coverage of the Israeli withdrawal from Southern Lebanon, the US war on Afghanistan, September 11 in Washington and the coverage of various international events.

Among the people she interviewed: President Nelson Mandela, Col. Qhadafi,  and other prominent politicians and activists around the world.