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Dr. Mabel Lu Miao

Co-founder and Secretary General of Center for China and Globalization
Dr. Mabel Lu MIAO is the Co-founder and Secretary-General of the Center for China and Globalization (CCG), a leading Chinese non-government think tank ranking in 64th place globally; As the only think tank in China granted “Special Consultative Status” at the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), CCG is also the only non-governmental think tank with the qualification for partnership with Munich Security Conference (MSC) and Paris Peace Forum (PPF). Over the
years under the co-leadership of Dr. Miao, CCG has gained wide international recognition and grown into a significant think tank with global impact that promotes China’s globalization process.
Dr. MIAO also serves as Co-founder and Secretary General of Global Young Leaders Dialogue (GYLD) program, Deputy Director General of the Alliance of Global Talent Organizations (AGTO), Secretary General of China Global Talent Society.
Dr. MIAO is an experienced public speaker, having delivered keynote speeches, participated and moderated numerous panels at home and abroad. In 2016, she was met by the King of Belgium at his palace as one of seven representatives of young global leaders from Northeast Asia, has been invited to speak at Doha Forum in 2018 and 2019 and at Paris Peace Forum for five consecutive years. In 2020, she was selected as Young Leader for Munich Security Conference (MSC). In 2021, as the representative of Munich Young Leader, she was invited to post questions to United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres at the Munich Security Conference Special Edition 2021; at the same year she was also appointed as Co-Chairman of Think20 (G20 Summit 2021 Think Tank) Task Force 8. Led by Dr. Miao, GYLD (Global Young Leaders Dialogue) program has aroused wide attention and received positive responses at home and abroad.