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Dr. Iris Luarasi

Director, Counselling Line for Women and Girls
Iris Luarasi PhD. is the director of Counselling Line for Women (CLWG) that is the National Helpline for victims of GBV in Albania. Since 2018, she is leading the Center for Security and Peace Albania, under the umbrella of CLWG that is working in P/CVE and R&R in designing and implementing innovative programmes that engage communities, direct beneficiaries (RFTF) as well as local and national institutions with the support of GCERF. The Center has established the first info call centre on countering violent extremism in Albania. Luarasi is currently a member of SEE Network for Women Professionals on P/CVERLT established from OSCE. 
Dr. Luarasi also leads the first male centre in Albania – Counselling Line for Men and Boys, that tries to rehabilitate perpetrators of domestic violence inside prison system and probation services and works on prevention with young boys in the country and fatherhood campaigns. Till mid of 2023 Luarasi was the President of GREVIO (a monitoring committee at CoE), while in 2022 she was chairing the Platform of Independent Expert Mechanisms on Discrimination and Violence against Women (EDVAW Platform) that gathers seven United Nations and regional independent expert mechanisms on violence against women and women’s rights operating at the international and regional levels, including GREVIO. She is also a board member of WWP European Network and a member of the Steering Committee of The High-Level Advisory Group (HLAG) at OSCE. 
Recognized for her achievements, Dr. Luarasi has received two awards in investigative media. As a professor at the Department of Journalism at Tirana University, she passionately imparts her knowledge to Albanian journalists, focusing on human rights, journalism ethics, and combating fake news, hate speech, and sexism. A respected opinion-maker, she frequently contributes to TV panels discussing human rights and current affairs.